Colin Passmore

Australian Landscape Artist

Colin Passmore’s artistic journey is a vibrant exploration of Australian landscapes and coastal scenes, employing diverse media and innovative techniques. With roots in Western Australia, he relocated to Noosa, Queensland, in 1982, where his career blossomed. Over 35 years, Passmore’s works have graced galleries across Australia and international collections, reflecting his deep connection to Australia’s flora and fauna.

Residing in Noosa, Passmore’s art adorns prestigious hotels and private residences, favored by Australian interior designers. Notably, he was commissioned in 1986 to create 50 oil paintings for Noosa’s Seahaven resort, marking a pivotal moment in his career. Embracing diverse themes, Passmore’s signature coastal imagery and Paperbark tree depictions stand out for their vibrant colors and distinctive brushwork.

His eclectic style showcases unexpected color combinations and expressive brushstrokes, creating a visual language that is both innovative and memorable. Passionate about translating the essence of the Australian environment, Passmore’s works captivate with their richness and flair, earning him recognition among collectors and designers worldwide.

Colin Passmore Artist
Colin Passmore Landscape Work