Carlie Johnson

Resin Artist

Carlie Johnson, a devoted resin artist from Mudjimba on the Sunshine Coast, has dedicated seven years to exploring the enchanting world of resin. Embracing its fluidity, she finds solace in relinquishing control during creation. Working from her home studio, Carlie’s artistry mirrors her profound connection to nature.

Introduced to resin at a young age, Carlie was instantly captivated by its transformative qualities, igniting a lifelong passion. The dynamic interplay of colors under heat fascinated her, shaping her artistic vision. Inspired by the coastal landscape, Carlie’s creations echo the ocean’s ever-changing hues, inviting viewers to delve into its depths.

Her mission is to bridge art and nature, offering viewers a serene experience through resin’s fluid beauty. Each piece reflects her deep reverence for the coastal environment, resonating with its rhythms.

Carlie Johnson Resin Artist